Olimpico stadium: AS Roma vs SS Lazio 1-0 (Derby della Capitale)

Back attendance Francesco Totti bring positive impact to the AS Roma appearance. Assists on the 'Prince of Roma' Giallorossi successfully won this prestigious party, Derby della Capitale, defeat Lazio 1-0 advanced in the league Serie A in Italy this week to the 12 that took place at the Olimpico Stadium, Roma. The only goal victory over Roma produced Julio Baptista five minutes after the second round began.

Although not able to take the position that the team still fall under the board in the forum, at least, victory in the Derby party candidate to become spiritually supplies for Totti and reduce the burden of pressure that perch on the shoulders the coach Luciano Spalletti.

Prove a Derby party, the second team since the beginning of each race to create opportunities through wicket opponent. Rome, which appear super-offensive, in addition to Totti, Spalletti also lower Mirko Vučinić and Baptista, the road appears to control the game in the first 10 minutes. In the 18 minutes, Roma's first opportunity to get through Vucinic utilize the bait bounce Christian Panucci.

Lazio heading reply through their top scorer, Mauro Zarate is still on the rebound rule wicket Doni. In 30 minutes, backlash distance Zarate fall right in the embrace Doni. Three minutes later, turn Rome. I kick the ball Vucinic utilize vomiting in the penalty box bounce away. Similarly, speculation Baptista backlash in the four minutes before the first round ended.

At the beginning of the second phase, Roma appear more ferocious. Less than five minutes, Totti's moving through the right side of defense Biancocelesti. Bait side with a perfect successfully used by Baptista. The ball led to the far goalpost pole Carrizo. 1-0 to Roma. Not until one minute later, Lazio narrowly equate success Zarate position when the extraordinary can still blocked out by Doni.

In 60 minutes, Lazio coach, Delio Rossi to make changes with the formation Mourad Meghni and attract exit Stefano Mauri. Lazio seek more viable goal replies. Five minutes later, Goran Pandev speculative kick from outside the penalty box only thin sideways in the right goalpost Doni.

One minute later, Lazio beaten after referee Gianluca Rocchi dropping the second yellow card alias red card to Cristian Ledesma. Although the deficit players, Lazio still able to compensate Roma game. In the minutes to-69, kicking team captain, Tomasso Rocchi still thin on the rebound rule wicket Doni.

Five minutes later, Lazio again get the chance. Working with Rocchi, Pandev throw hard shot that can still be blocked Doni. In the minutes to-77, Roma nearly get the second goal when backlash Jeremy Menez incoming replace Totti can still be blocked Carrizo.

Four minutes before the normal time ended, Rome must appear with 10 players when Simone Perrotta got second yellow card. Lazio since we had more touchdown find a reply. Opportunities occur in gold to-89 minutes when heading back the origin of Switzerland, Stephan Lichtsteiner still bounce in the wicket of the ruler. Until the final whistle sounds, a score of 1-0 for Roma remain unchanged.

Doni, Tonetto, Juan, Mexes, Panucci (Cassetti), De Rossi, Brighi, Perrotta (KK, KM), Vucinic (Taddei), Baptista, Totti (Menez).
Carrizo, Radu (KK), Rozehnal, Siviglia, Lichtsteiner, Ledesma (KK. KM), Mauri (Meghni), Brocchi (roma), Zarate, Rocchi (Inzaghi), Pandev.
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi.



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