difficult choice to sell chelsea

Chelsea aren't keen on handing boss Luiz Felipe scolari any cash to spend in the impending January transfer window. Like everyone else, the capital club has been affected by the frightening state of the global financial climate. Naturally, though, the sting of such worries takes has more ridiculous complexion at Stamford Bridge than anywhere else.

Reports suggest that billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich will have to choose to sell either the club or his £200 million mega yacht, Pelorus. In fact, he has allegedly sounded out buyers for the club already, hinting that the boat may be too dear to his heart.

According to Russian press agency Prime-Tass - who source an expert in football finance and, for some reason, someone of standing in German football - Abramovich's fortune has dwindled from €16.7 billion (£13.2bn) to €2.3bn (£2.25bn).

The giant yacht apparently has a couple of helipads and an anti-missile system to fend off pirates - a job given to skipper John Terry at the Bridge. Further reports in Russia hint at the practical affect which the crisis is having on Chelsea. For instance, apparently the players are paying for their own lunches.

Assets depreciation and another effects of the world financial crisis might have reduced Roman Abramovich's personal fortune from €16,700 million to €2,300 million, according to Russian news agency Prime-Tass.

This is the current scenario for the Russian tycoon, who must made a decision: either he puts Chelsea for sale (he invested more than €210 million since July 2003, including the team's debts) or he sells his yacht, which is said to cost some €200 million.

The press published statements from an expert in financial transactions in soccer and former manager of two teams from Germany; according to him, "rumors about selling Chelsea started spreading in November" and Abramovich "is looking for a broker to lead the transaction."

The club is yet to comment on the rife speculation.

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