Cristiano Ronaldo has sold Bentley Continental

Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest car continues his penchant for exotic, high performance cars; Bentley Continental GT Speed. The new car is Ronaldo’s second Bentley Continental, having sold his previous 2007 model for just under £100,000. His blue Bentley Continental GTC Speed went for £114,995, and a 2004 Mercedes C-Class diesel fetched £10,795. The “thrilled” buyers reckon they could be collector’s items after being owned by CR7. He was selling his flash car collection as they are right-hand drive and not suited to Spanish roads. His Porsche 911 Carrera is on sale at £69,995. (

However, opting for the sporty look of a hard-top model, unlike his previous convertible model. The Bentley Continental is one of the ultimate grand tourer coupes, having enjoyed massive development from Bentley’s parent company Volkswagen. However, the car is still British at heart, being hand built at Bentley’s Crewe factory. Whilst some may say the Continental is cheap by Bentley standards, the car is still an expensive car to run, with fuel economy unlikely to break past 20mpg. However few people considering owning the vehicle would be concerned over such matters, the 12 cylinder 6 litre engine of the GT speed delivers a top speed of 202mph, and makes it the fastest production Bentley ever. It is a fitting car for one of the world’s finest footballers to drive, however Ronaldo appears to have his eye on something even more exotic in the future. (


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