range rover of chelsea's skipper

England Football Captain John Terry had his car bugged by paparazzi after becoming their number 1 target. The Police checked his Range Rover after being baffled how photographers managed to find him. Police found an electronic device underneath his vehicle which they believe was put there by paps. Nick Freeman told the Court that Terry was concerned about the safety of his children because of the way the paps were driving. He was also concerned to preserve childrens´ privacy. Mr Freeman added he is the UK's number 1 target for the paps and that there had been numerous previous incidents where the paps had turned up at events. This included the first time his twins played in a football match and at a London family trip to a Christmas fair in London's Hyde Park. Terry was caught by Police Officers using a speed gun as he drove to Stamford Bridge ahead of Chelsea's match against Bolton Wanderers. Mr Loophole representing Terry told the Court that Terry already had 7 points on his licence for two previous speeding offences and that he pleaded guilty to this offence. This would ordinarily attract a minimum six month ban. Thanks to Mr Loophole's mitigation, Terry received a disqualification of just 28 days. Terry was sentenced in his absence whist enjoying a holiday with his wife and twins. (


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