AIG bankrupt, Sponsor T-shirt line take Manchester United

Manchester United shirt with a big AIG, have become icons in the successful club in English persepakbolaan. However, in the last week, the company is steady cook disintegration of the disintegration of other United States companies. Will the disintegration of the sponsor of this disastrous also for the team "Red Devil"?

Not necessarily. United States government has taken over the company's financial mengguyurkan with funds of U.S. billion to $ 85 American International Group Inc.. Money is to control the funds shirt sponsor for the club United.

AIG is one of the most visible real sponsor teams dominate the English league last season. English league is really a scoreboard for the company, which pierce the global point of this crisis. "Market feels good," said Nigel Currie, director of sports marketing in Guildford, England. "But actually not that much money over here."

Currie added, the club usually use one of the largest sources speculate sponsors get back. AIG agreed directly with the United States government two days ago, the second year for the four-year agreement with United worth U.S. $ 102.9 million. "This season, however profits from the shirt sponsor in the English League fall worth 67 million Pounds Sterling usually from 75 million pounds," said Currie This such as Bloomberg.

According to Currie, this week there will be discussion with several potential sponsors who are interested to replace AAG Deutsch Telecom's T-Mobile. This is not such as to receive more than one million sterling, United said Currie, who worked for Manchester United and last agree to use the sponsor Vodafone Group plc.

Sometimes not using sopnsor also better, Currie said, when newspapers need utuk illustration Northern Rocks, their difficulties after becoming the victims of contract with the UK bank for more than seabad. "You see in the business pages, and they can not avoid using the picture Michael Owen with a Newcastle shirt," said Currie. "Images and pictures are not successful."

English Premier League generally benefit more than 1.5 billion Pounds Sterling and the sponsor's income is only part of the small. United, for example, collecting 49.3 million pounds from the rights Siar years ago and still get the other cipratan of 42.9 million euros ($ 61.3 million) from the body of European football for a team that won the Champions League.

United Glazer family that owned the original United States, will not cover the fact lose the main sponsor AIG, who spoke as representatives from United. However, according to sports business professor Stefan Szymanski, the club has won the European title three times and 17 league England certainly will not find difficulties to find a new sponsor. "They will stand in line for entry into the sponsor Unit," said Szymanski, who teaches at Cass Business School, London.

Manchester United proved that supported national player Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez origin Argentina and two-time Premiere League best player Christiano Ronaldo is still a club takes sponsors.


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