AIG continuation of the contract with MU in questions

AIG recently posted a third-quarter of $24.5 billion, prompting the US government to rework the terms of it’s aid to the insurance giant in order to a) extend more money to AIG (another $40 billion, after $123 billion had already gone into buying up AIG equity and b) significantly reduce repayment terms to help stabilise the company and allow it to recover fully (as opposed to collapsing under the current crisis or under the weight of the government handouts).

For Manchester United, the message is clear - if there was any hope that AIG would recover in time to renew their deal as sponsors of the Manchester United shirt, they are now shot. David Gill was recently quoted as saying that United would have no trouble in finding a replacement if the need arose - it’s time for the Manchester United chairman to put that to the test and ensure that a shirt sponsor paying as much (and if possible more) than AIG’s 14m / year deal is brought in before the agreement with AIG ends, or worse, before AIG says they can’t pay their next year’s installment.
The US government has stepped in with a new package of aid for troubled insurance giant American International Group. It comes after the firm - which sponsors Manchester United Football Club - announced third quarter losses of £14.7bn.

AIG made a £1.8bn profit the year before. The rescue package includes a £20.5bn cash injection in return for partial ownership of the firm. Announced jointly by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, it takes the sum pumped into the company to around £90bn. As part of the new deal, the Fed is reducing a £51bn loan it had made available to AIG to £36bn. It is also replacing a separate £22.7bn loan to the insurance company with a £31bn aid package. The government said the measures were needed to "keep the company strong and facilitate its ability to complete its restructuring process successfully." The Treasury Department, which is overseeing the rescue operation, has promised to invest £150bn in America's banks to get them lending again.

Until now all of the help provided for AIG was coming from the Federal Reserve.
It said earlier this year it would lend AIG a total of £74bn, then gave it access to a further £12.5bn to help it pay wages and other key expenses. AIG has said repeatedly its kit sponsorship deal with Manchester United will not be affected by its financial woes. The contract, which is worth £56.5m over four years, is the most lucrative in the Premier League.

source: Forbes, Sky