Copa del Rey: Last Minute Disaster, Real Madrid Defeated by Team Division III

Competition at the scene outside the Spanish La Liga Primera presumably become the arena over Real Madrid. Once beaten twice by Juventus in the Champions League, Madrid again swallowing the results of bad removed when Real Union in the round Copa Del Rey. hat-trick from Raul Gonzalez in 36 minutes, 51, 86 and additional goals from Alberto Bueno in the minutes to-68 can not save opportunity in Madrid that pirouette of 32. Despite winning 4-3, 6-6 aggregate Unsurprisingly, the team of Division III.

Madrid is the source of disaster Eneko Romo. Players Union is adding goals in the third minute to-90 team that escaped the eye of the needle because the party wins 3-2 in the first Santiago Bernabeu. This means that the Union is entitled to make a pass because of away goals.

Weak defense Madrid again disastrous. Disaster that occurred when Enoko not by the national line of defense because of filthily Madrid, which is sure the match is over. When Enoko press, it also occurs immediately to the goal Jerzy Dudek.
"We do not tend to be vigilant in determining the final minutes, Raul complaint, the complete score 300 goals during his career night".

Penetrated many goals in the cage - eight goals in the last three fight - also make Madrid coach, Bernd Schuster great surprise. "I do not think exhausted. I'm not worried about the high number of goals but I understand that other people would boggle my performance, "said the German coach. "It's very logical after seeing what happens.". That is not as Union dominating, and that thrill me, "he asserted concerned.

From the last three domestic fight, Madrid win only two times that of the Athletic Bilbao 3-2 and 4-3 over Malaga, but a reflection that the defense champion 2007/08 is fragile.


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