AIG - Manchester United: no renew contract

AIG, the American insurance firm, has confirmed it will not renew its sponsorship deal with Manchester United, however the club remain confident of securing an improved deal elsewhere when their current contract ends in May 2010.

The company, which has suffered massive losses during the global economic downturn, says it remained in discussions over its current deal with the world and European champions, which is due to expire in May 2010.

Despite the news United say they have already opened discussions with a number of global companies, who they feel, could offer United an improvement on their current deal. Sahara, the Indian financial services corporation, has already confirmed United have made contact to gauge its interest in sponsoring the club, while Saudi Telecom have also been sounded out about replacing the AIG deal.

The Old Trafford club also have strong links in both Malaysia and South Korea, so even at a time of financial prudence around the world, United are still optimistic of bettering their current contract, worth £19million including various financial packages

"In line with industry practice, Manchester United is exploring the possibility of a shirt sponsor for the new 2010/11 season," a United spokesman said. "The club is in dialogue with a select number of top companies worldwide and has so far received sufficient interest to be confident it can improve on its current £19m annual partnership with AIG."

AIG came close to collapsing in the final few months of last year as it fell victim to the worst housing market since the Great Depression. The situation became so bad that the US government was forced to extend it a $150billion (£109.3 billion) loan, which it is unlikely to get back, which almost certainly saved AIG from oblivion.

AIG reached its perilous state after having to pay out tens of billions of dollars on insurance policies written on mortgages that homeowners cannot possibly repay. It will also make tens of billions of additional losses on complex investments tied to properties that are plummeting in value



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